2018 Svenska Designpriset nomination.

Barrels and Drums Ginger Beer launched June 1, 2018 across all of Sweden via Systembolaget (national alcohol shop).

As Copywriter, my task was to generate copy for the bottle label and subsequently, marketing materials for launch.

With the package design and insights from the design team in mind, my copy drew inspiration specifically from the Vaudeville theatrical genre, time period & language. This time period pre-dates the rise of the circus, and is referred to as “the heart of American show business.”

Client: Enjoy Wine
Agency: Scandinavian Design Group

Client Director: Johanna Smeds
Creative Director: Nils Jensen
Strategist: Rebecka Gustafson
Design Director: Henrik Walse
Designer: Isabel Norstrom
Copywriter: Chris Lawrence (McCann)