The SAS HAX competition is an open competition issued by Scandinavian Airlines, globally, to teams of max. 4 persons whereby a brief is issued and after multiple selection rounds, finalists compete in Stockholm at a 24 hr. hack. This hack results in a pitch to the CMO, CTO and other key executives of SAS.

After making it through initial selection stages, our team was invited along with 24 other agency teams from around the globe, to participate in the final hack. Ultimately, we won 2nd place.

The focus area this brief was the topic of Connected Flights and our idea centered around bringing AR to the SAS in-flight experience via the SAS App - more specifically, to the out-of-window experience, which is the most common activation point for using your phone’s camera.

Our concept used entertainment and engagement as the starting point, but baked in strong business cases for up & cross selling SAS serviced destinations and experiences.

Thank you to SAS for the opportunity to present our ideas and we look forward to competing again next year!


- Chris Lawrence, Creative
- Johan Mott, Creative
- Emil Esselin, Strategist
- Ali Imtiaz, Designer