SAS HAX 2018

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During 2018, three friends/colleagues and myself decided to make an attempt to enter the SAS HAX competition. Not realizing it at the time, we were the only non developer or engineer focused team being that we all worked in the creative agency world.

After our concept was selected to pass through initial stages, our team was invited, along with others from around the globe, to participate in the final hack held in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the end, our team won 2nd place at SAS’ first global hackathon competition.

Below is more on our concept.


Connected Flights was the focus area our team selected to work on, and our idea centered around introducing bespoke augmented reality experiences on board SAS flights via the SAS App. Within it, our idea tapped into arguably the most common activation point or behavior know to those of us who fly: aiming our smart phone camera out the window to share our experience with friends and loved ones.

The entertainment factor & ramping up brand equity was the starting point but we also integrated more tactical business driven ideas to ramp up cross selling and partner/sponsorship opportunities for SAS.